70 Series V8 Landcruiser PDP Package Pricing
All prices include GST and are for supply, install and custom tuning on our own dyno.

Unichip PDP Package with 5 Map Switch $3190

Power Package - $6856
Unichip PDP Package with 5 map switch/NPC Clutch/PDP Crossover

Power & Protection Package $8166
Unichip/NPC Clutch/PDP Crossover/Fuel Manager/Diff & Gearbox Breathers/Catch can

Touring Package $9500 - includes FREE Diff/gearbox breather kit with this package
Unichip/NPC Clutch/PDP Crossover/2nd Fuel Filtration Kit/Gearbox & Diff Breathers/Catch can/PDP Boost & EGT Gauges

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