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This was the first new MY17 Landcruiser delivered in Perth according to Toyota.

The first thing that stands out on the MY17 70 series is the bonnet. It is higher and the scoop is also larger. Photos don't really do it justice but when you see it in the flesh, it is definitely an eye turner. We are looking into if this can be retro fitted to the 2007-2016 models.

From delivery from the showroom floor straight onto the dyno for some runs. Factory power is 109rwkW with torque at a steady 350nm at the wheels. This is ''as delivered' with the DPF still fitted and 50kms on the odometer.

Ronny from 4WDinWA also did a video review and walk around the vehicle. This will be the first of many more videos to come for this car to follow the build.

We have been busy getting this car ready for the Perth 4WD & Adventure show. First modifications on the list were:

- NPC 1300nm Clutch
- PDP Crossover Pipe
- 2nd Fuel Filter with Breather Kit
- Dual Battery Tray with Injector driver relocation 
- BCDC 1240LV with custom PDP bracket
- PDP V8 Cruiser custom Boost & EGT Guages & Pillar Pod (not vailable for single  
  cabs due to side airbags)
- Unichip modules, Plug & Play harness and 5 map switch mounted inside the cab

March 2017 Update

It's been busy here at PDP. After the 4WD show we were solidly booked until January and then returning from our Christmas break we were heavily booked until March.

An update on our vehicle includes the following items being fitted:

- Moonlight Fabrication 4" stainless snorkel
- Taipanxp Catch Can
- Sealed water-cooled Alternator
- Development on our own design of battery tray in 316 stainless
- Method Racing Rims
- Nitto Trail Grapplers in 35/75/17 size

Next on the list is the suspension. We believe in doing things right the first time so we are speaking with an engineer to ensure our suspension set up will be legal and insurable before doing anything.

We are still looking into options for an exhaust that will sound and perform great but will still comply with ADR rules. Check with your insurance company before removing your DPF exhaust ad changing to a turbo back exhaust as you may find they will not insure you. Not ideal when the build on these cars can often excess $100,000 - you wouldn't drive it without insuring it! Not all shops that fit exhausts will tell you this.

PDP's MY17 79 series Landcruiser Dual Cab