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PDP PDM - Power Distribution Module


An innovative Australian designed and manufactured digital control solution for all your electronic needs.

The PDM consists of 16 digital outputs of up to 15Amps each as well as 16 digital inputs and 6 analogue inputs to sense the important parameters on your vehicle. The PDM is also split to run off two batteries so eight outputs run off the main battery and eight outputs run off the Auxiliary battery.

Rugged, flexible, reliable and specifically designed for a multitude of applications, which allows customisation for distinct digital controlling and monitoring.

The design focus of the PDM digital switching system is to simplify vehicle wiring and enhance operational safety. This means that any electrical load on the vehicle can be switched, controlled and monitored with customized software. It has also been designed to adapt to an extensive range of other automotive products, greatly increasing the amount of possible solutions to vehicles.

The PDM receives operator inputs from the keypads or other interfaces such as the original engine ECU and then processes these commands based on the current system status. The response to a command may be an activation or deactivation of a circuit; the start, finish or cancellation of a timed circuit. The PDM is constantly sending information to the keypads to indicate system status and turn on or off the LED’s and backlight indicator functions on the keypad as set by the rules of the customized software. 

The PDM incorporates solid state technology which is also ignition safe and has built in over-current protection. It also features reverse polarity connection protection and transient voltage suppression which is hermetically sealed and with no moving parts, makes for maintenance free operation. 

The compact but robust design uses up to 60% less wiring than analogue systems and eliminates the need for toggle or rocker switches, relays and circuit breakers or fuses, making the PDM ideal for effortless and time saving installation. 

Innovative software generated controls mean subsequent customisation of functions are readily available. With real time monitoring, logging and ease of diagnostic testing, it makes vehicle maintenance and program adjustments swift and convenient. 

The PDM is fully ADR compliant.        

All of the above functions which automatically come on can be turned off by simply pressing the relevant button on the keypad.
Currently the system has been designed to work with the Lightforce range of lights (which we also now hold in stock) to provide maximum lumens of light with as little power consumption as possible. The system can be altered to work with other types of lights and or accessories if required but there may be some compromises.

Extra keypads can also be mounted in other areas of the vehicle. Should you have a rear canopy for example and want to be able to operate the functions from there an extra keypad can easily be installed in the rear and will work hand in hand with the front keypad. It would only require four extra wires to run this extra keypad compared to the previous conventional options which would have been extra switches, fuses, power supplies and relays. Normally a six button keypad would be mounted in the rear either inside or outside (the keypads are all IP67 rated) the canopy and would have the following configuration: Fridge 1, Fridge 2, Roof lights, Work lights, 12V power and Canopy lights. Again individual customized keypads can be manufactured upon request.

A remote four button wireless key fob can also be added to the system to allow up to four remote functions of your choice to be operated wirelessly. 

The current software parameters are programmed as follows:
a) Rev Lights
b) LED Lights
c) HID Lights
d) Side Lights
e) Work Lights
f) Fridge
g) 12V Power
h) Roof Lights
i) Cooler fans
j) Winch

Max current per circuit 15A Standby current less than 50mA Voltage: 10-30Volts Communications:  RS485 and CANbus Enclosure: PA66 Rating: IP67 Operating temperature: -20 to 70 Degrees UV: UBVB 400 hours Weight: 678g (of the PDM unit) Size of PDM unit: H73xW194xD209mm Approvals: CE and ADR Warranty 36 Months
As the PDM is connected to the vehicles factory CANbus circuit (this is the communication gateway between all the electronic management modules in the vehicle) information can be taken off or added to the CANbus via the PDM. Extra functions such as real time monitoring of exact battery voltages for the main and auxiliary battery and current rate charges and discharges of the auxiliary battery can be monitored through the vehicles diagnostic port via an OBD display such as a scan gauge which we can also supply you already programmed.

All of the above operations are wired in and operated with only two main power supply fuses to the PDM unit. No other fuses, relays and or switches are required. The unit plus the keypad and all the wiring required to wire your vehicles weighs less than 6kg.

For more information on the Power Distribution Module, please contact us and our PDM brochure can be emailed out to you. 

IP: 201715820 & 201715821