PDP Custom ECU Remapping

Perth Diesel Performance offer In-house Dyno Tuning solutions on Our state of the art Dyno Dynamics rolling road

PDP Custom Tuning gets results

PDP custom tuning offers more Power and extra Torque where you need it. PDP can improve the drive-ability of your Landcruiser by unlocking your vehicles engines full potential.

With a PDP Custom Tune overtaking becomes easier and safer with more torque to pull heavy loads, and without sacrificing the reliability of the vehicle – We Tune touring vehicles “not race-cars”

Below are some actual PDP Tuning results showing before and after tuning.

What is ECU Tuning?

ECU Tuning is also known as remaping. The ECU or Engine Control Unit is basically a computer that controls fuel intermix and turbo boost functions. Tuning or remapping is the changing of the parameters giving more performance or fuel economy.

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